Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Semester 2 final exam is getting around the corner.

today im trying to update post in English as it also can improves my jawa English..haha..
Firstly,it just a short time in semester too busy studying and asigmnet bla..
just wonder why I want post an English entry..haha
now,im busy to finish all the last asigment as long as two weeks b4 exam..
but just one im not very interested,asigment wif group..
they have too many works,and they hope I can help them to finish by myself...
urgh!if we keep silence,theyll be very2 silence..
im just stay keep calm to wait them.
friend is one of the most very person that I love to take care of..
but sometimes it feel very hard,because we also  a human.
Allah SWT made us as His daive servants,sometimes we got im very place and hold my hands with Allah from getting mad..
hope Allah will help me,ill keep zikrullah if some mistakes happened during my day.mashaAllah.
Allah always give if we my counseling lecturer said.
that why he asked us to sedekah,the more we give,the more we get...
ok that all.thank you my dearest friends..

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