Friday, July 21, 2017

Rahsia punca seperti tidak menghargai


Baru malam ni lia dapat terfikir kepada teruk sangat penangan awak ni encik yell..

Tak kisahlah apa yang awak nak.and i know the thing that u wanted the most is appreciation..

Sis bukan taknak appreciate bro cuma bro pun tahu kan sis taknak orang tahu bukan-bukan pasal kita..
Biar dia nampak smooth je..hope next time nobody ask me about us..

Thanks for the step im really appreciate that..

Sis bukan taknak appreciate cuma lia xreti nak tunjuk macammana..kadang bro sendiri pun xrasa apa yang lia buat itu adalah untuk appreciate awak..

Kalau encik ingat the first time we met,i bought your product..tak sampai rumah kot,anak saudara dah habiskan..awak apa tahu?...

For second meeting,yeahh i dont ever think we can meet again seems like you just only ask about the transit bus from terminal to tasik merdeka...and i was busy at that time..dividing my time with friends and comitment aint easy...i dont really remember,you asked me that question during wednesday o thursday which is im really busy with meeting..i was shocked that day..feel like,ooo he still searching me?..on saturday ive some motivation program for standard six sekolah kebangsaan bukit progran end about 1.30 pm...but my friend,fyza who ask me to fetch her at kfc at 12.30 and keep repeating called me eventhough she heard me my prgram not finished yet..i need to accompanied her for her engagement..which is the main reason i cant go to meet encik yell..not in my mind at all..i know that i cant make it because that weekend i was too busy.. Fyza ask me to follow her doing some photoshoot at dairy farm muadzam shah,i followed her while i was thinking,and discussing with encik maybe i can make it to meet him.. I called my mom and she said anyway u just come home and discussed with her..from muadzam shah at 2-3 pm,i go back to my home told my mom and contact my friend,miah and mom gave permission and tralalala i met you and your friends.glad i can make it because i believe Allah is the best planner..

Then,can u see how im appreciating you?
Bukan nak mengungkit,cuma nak menjelaskan..

Macam panjang lagi nak cerita tapi macam dah cukup panjang je dah ni..
Boleh tak awak fikir,sebelum kita berjumpa apa yang saya buat?apa yang berlaku dalam perjalanan masa nak pergi tu?
Saya jenis yang bukan senang-senang nak cerita kat orang berkenaan peribadi saya..maaf..

And this how much are you appreciating me?

I know i make many mistakes,because im just a human..are you perfect?no,absolutely because only Allah and his prophet,Rasullullah saw is perfect not us who is really daive.

I remember every moment we met but not everything we can told everybody..

Sory im gonna lesser my usage of telling people about my life especially at all my media social..
This blog also i want but i think only here the best place for me to write and releasing down my stress my feeling..
I hope u know,now i'm crying #nangis..
Miss you so much..

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