Monday, August 21, 2017



seems like im gonna be a soldier who is sacrifice themselves for the nation.
ehhh! sorry actually my profession also the same like a soldier.

where all the formal letter of a teacher must have 'Berkhidmat Untuk Negara'.

after all that,i was crying because i've to sacrifice my freelance time like before during in university.
where i can do volunteering task,adhoc task,outdoor task,lecturer task and so on. pergi jenjalan sana-sini macam dulu dah sangat susah untuk find the freetime.

zaman kat u,agak-agak stress sempat je buat kerja gila,jalan-jalan dengan kawan sampai pukul berapa entah. pergi adhoc banyak-banyak tempat dan explore. Takda masa pun sempat siapkan asignment.
sekrang,masih boleh explore tapi explore berkenaan kerja-kerja sahaja..kalau stress,nak kena tunggu cuti baru boleh rest..itupun hujung minggu macamlah ada cuti,dengan jemputannya lah,event itu ini lah...zaman u memang boleh nak buat semua ini sebab kita tiada apa-apa responsible but now if i want to do anything i must think about my job first..

Sebelum ini waktu kat u,weekdays and weekend sama je dari segi melakukan task tapi sekarang kat sekolah weekdays pergi school tapi weekends pergi event blah blah mana ada rest. gila tak sakit pale lepas balik kolah.. #dizzy

takpe,i still can be a positive lalala teacher.
i love my profession.
i love my students.

one more thing, i also need to sacrifice my time with my friends.too much friends i'd sacrifice.
because they also have their own life and i was too busy with work. till one day,one of friend didnt find the right time to meet me..this is so sad.. im sulking with her..
the other one,her home is near with my school but after going back home from school i really dont have energy to continue meet her..really bad in friends relationship. i was like wanna beng beng beng my heart because cant taking care of my friend's hearts.

i also find some quote that state once we chose one between love,friends and relatives the truth is,everyone is going to hurt you. you just got to find the ones worth suffering for.

which one is worth?

'Berkhidmat untuk Negara'

the one who love to sacrifice,

Miss Soldier.

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