Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Since i was form two, till now i still in a place where people see im the 'batu api' in some relationship,friendship,teacher and student relationship and blah blah including hardship..

I put my trust on one of my friend who i think is ruining my all entire life till now.
I serve her right like my bestfriend where we share our stories together,do homework together,together and together.
I love this friendship.
I miss you so much..
But one day,she teach me how to flirt a man who is one of our senior..i dont think that the good things we need to do as we are come here to study and get straight a's..yes i got the opportunity to go out with that senior with some of her support. I thought she know i was talking about her here. Even we arent contacting each other again..

We have a big quarelling when i was form five and all the trustworthy is gone after she telling everybody im the bad,the violence,the blah blah blah blah..while im in silence facing this in my own,meet with counsellor,and keep calling my mom to tell my problems..and nobody in my side..nobody guys.. So i asked for pray and doa,while we are going to take spm that year..pray taubah and hajat.. Percaya hikmah Allah itu ada..

Yes im bad in relationship.
Im bad in trusting people 100%.
All i have is my family.alhamdulillah..
Saja nak buat pengakuan kat sini..
Memang diam itu salah satu cara mengurangkan pergaduhan tetapi di sini saya cuma nak jelaskan kisah hidup saya yang mungkin orang tak boleh/mampu dalami..

Cukuplah awak,sehari buat silap.bukan selamanya kita akan gagal..if you are really good in communication why not u just gives the positive vibes only and dont try to tindas that people like you are the king of the world.. Believe me, hikmah Allah itu besar..

In every institution,im the person who come to the counselling room frequently.. The counselling teacher knows me,sometimes not everything we can told them as they also a human,they also stressing on their work thus they also have many kind of problems of people that they need to face..the only way to improve that is prayer..yes,pray..
Pray walaupun kau tidak sealim mana,latar belakang kau yang macamna famili ajar pun tak tahu lah..

In school, i already met the counsellor which are very friendly. But i still love to stay in library because ive kak haryati who is serve me like her own daughter while she loves to read. Since the beginning im here,she come to me and babbling like knowing me so long time..

For those who said poor with me because of my psychology,pliss stop judging.
If u also learn how to stop judging me,then u can see the positive things in my life..try to know me better pliss..
I was felt insecure now because i know some of people that not satisfied with me is reporting to solve my problems..thanks so much for taking care of me..
Just let me find the positives motivation by my own until i feel stable..

Can you give me that opportunity?
Can you leave those bad things for a while?
Can we stop communicate each other to stop this misunderstanding for a while?

Still searching for positive vibes,

Miss Smile

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